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My Solace Experience

All my clients know that skincare is a huge deal for me. I will research and research and research until I am thoroughly knowledgeable on a skin care product and/or skincare service. So why is it that I have only treated myself to a facial once or twice in my life? I could blame it on my chaotic schedule, or the fact that I use a pretty solid skin care regimen at home and don't feel the need to get a facial, but really it's just sheer laziness and apprehensiveness to spend money on something I feel just "meh" about. 
That's until I received an invitation to visit the newly opened Solace Wellness Center & MedSpa in Tewksbury. OH EM GEE. From the minute I walked into the door , I immediately felt at ease. The calming music coupled with the clean yet inviting decor and design pulled me right in. Also, WHAT IS IN THE AIR!? The whole place smells amazing! I actually just stood there for a minute soaking it all in... (and then pulled out my phone to share with you…

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