Fashionably Fit!

Wow, its been a minute since I last posted a blog! 2016 Wedding season was incredible and there were NO breaks for Glamour Cosmetics. Once I finished my last wedding for 2016 I dove head first into editorials for the winter season along with trials for the spring/summer weddings! That's pretty much how it works year round! No rest for Glamour Cosmetics, but I can't complain- it's everything I love to do!
With that being said, I want to introduce you guys to an incredibly talented group of women I am now lucky to call my friends. We collaborated to bring this Kate Hudson inspired shoot to life! How amazing did these images come out! Everything is ON. POINTE. (see what I did there!)
Makeup details can be found on Instagram @GlamourCosmetics_

From Left to Right:
Photographer: Elayna Bartolacci
Assistant Stylist: Julie Pomphrett 
Model: Tayla Fernandez 
H&M: Garineh Ashjian of Glamour Cosmetics 
Producer/Stylist: Dianna Bedrosian