My Solace Experience

All my clients know that skincare is a huge deal for me. I will research and research and research until I am thoroughly knowledgeable on a skin care product and/or skincare service. So why is it that I have only treated myself to a facial once or twice in my life? I could blame it on my chaotic schedule, or the fact that I use a pretty solid skin care regimen at home and don't feel the need to get a facial, but really it's just sheer laziness and apprehensiveness to spend money on something I feel just "meh" about.  

That's until I received an invitation to visit the newly opened Solace Wellness Center & MedSpa in Tewksbury. OH EM GEE. From the minute I walked into the door , I immediately felt at ease. The calming music coupled with the clean yet inviting decor and design pulled me right in. Also, WHAT IS IN THE AIR!? The whole place smells amazing! I actually just stood there for a minute soaking it all in... (and then pulled out my phone to share with you guys on my Instagram story--- duh!)

Rachael, the service manager at Solace, and also a loyal client of mine, gave me a tour of the entire spa. From cathedral ceilings, to a waterfall wall, and an outdoor balcony seating area, this place has it ALL! I truly felt like I was at a resort in Bali. Such a heavenly feeling!

But let's talk about what really counts: the services- which were out of this world! First and foremost, Rachael led me to the Visia Skin Complexion machine which analyzed my skin in high detail. I have ALWAYS wanted to do one of these and was super excited (and nervous) to see the results! I thought it was really clever that they analyzed the left side of my face since it gets the most sun exposure from your car window and thus shows the most damage!

I was then led to locker room where I was provided a place to store my belongings and a plush robe and slippers!  When I was ready, Rachael led me to the infrared sauna which was incredibly relaxing, calming and rejuvenating!!
Saunas always make me feel like I can't breathe- but not this one!

Did I sweat? Yes! Get those germs out! Did I feel overwhelmed? No. In fact, I stayed in there for almost 30 minutes letting those infrared wavelengths do their thing. The owner and clinical director, Dr. Wu, explained to me that the infrared saunas are scientifically backed and have been used in Norway for decades and many Norwegians have them in their homes! The infrared waves penetrate deep into your muscles helping to relieve muscle and joint pain along with many other health benefits! Just ask the team at Solace and they will give you the full break down of the medical benefits!

As soon as I stepped out of sauna, Rebecca, a registered nurse, was waiting for me and handed me a glass of water. Solace operates a filtering system called Pure2o Alkaline Plus, which uses reverse osmosis and removes water toxins and alkalizes it to the pH level that will best benefit our bodies!

Rebecca led me to my "Red Carpet" facial, which is great for guests wanting that instant glow & firming results (*cough- all my brides- cough*)! I really appreciated that she had both the knowledge of a nurse and the passion for skincare. She began by asking my skin type (dry) and then customizing my facial using Nelly Devuyst products- a European skincare line.  I loved that Rebecca used Nelly's organic line on me! I felt so safe and comfortable with everything going on my face. Fun fact: 2 minutes before this picture was taken, I had fallen asleep during my relaxing facial. Lord knows I needed that nap!
At the end of my appointment, Rachael took me to a private room and read the results of my skin analysis, which showed my skins percentile scores relative to others the same age, gender and skin type. (The higher the score, the better.) I was able to see my skin's UV damage, brown spots, under skin bacteria and it even had a toggle to show what you can expect your skin to look like in 5 years if you continue to do what you normally do without any treatments! The most intriguing and important part for me was that it gives your skin a final score (not shown here) and as you continue your treatments at Solace, it will show the improvements you have made and what your new score is with each visit! This ensures the fact that you are not just receiving a fluff and buff facial, but one that's actually benefiting your skin!
Another fun fact: The analysis shows your real age vs. the age of your skin!! I'm 29 with skin analysis results of a 24 year old! WOOHOO!  I'LL TAKE IT!!!
A huge thank you to Solace for inviting Glamour Cosmetics to see your absolutely beautiful med-spa! ! I have finally found my go-to spa resort! See you soon!